Gardening advice A-Z

Actually so far its A-W! Advice on subjects from Aubergine to Weeds (but we are working on the whole alphabet).  Feel free to add your own advice, suggestions and tips.

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Page link: Aubergines
All about the eggplant
Page link: Cold Frames
Cold Frames
Winter or summer, cold frames are really useful
Page link: Comfrey
Fantastic liquid feed and compost activator
Page link: Composting
A simple guide
Page link: Crop Rotation
Crop Rotation
How to organise your plot
Page link: Diseases
What to look out for
Page link: Drought
growing drought-tolerant plants
Page link: Drought
Saving water and efficient watering
Page link: Drought
Soil preparation
Page link: Gardening terminology
Gardening terminology
Some top terms you should know
Page link: Garlic
What you need to know
Page link: Getting Started
Getting Started
Andrew Harris's story
Page link: Grape vines
Grape vines
A 3 year plan
Page link: Green Manures
Green Manures
plants that add to soil fertility and improve soil structure
Page link: Green Manures
Green Manures
some you can sow in spring
Page link: Greenhouse
How to make one out of plastic bottles!
Page link: Hardwood cuttings
Hardwood cuttings
How to do it
Page link: Health and safety on the plot
Health and safety on the plot
Gardening can be dangerous!
Page link: Health and Safety on the Plot
Health and Safety on the Plot
Look after yourself and others!
Page link: Hedgehogs
Protect our spiky friend
Page link: Herbs
How to make a lovely herb garden on your plot
Page link: How to make a plastic bottle propagator
How to make a plastic bottle propagator
Recycling, fun to make and you can go away and leave them for a week without your plants dying!
Page link: Jerusalem Artichokes
Jerusalem Artichokes
(Helianthus tuberosum)
Page link: Layout of your allotment
Layout of your allotment
What's the best layout for you?
Page link: Leaf mould
Leaf mould
make some great leaf mould compost
Page link: Mattock
In priase of the mattock - a great tool for clearing brambles
Page link: Mosquito Madness
Mosquito Madness
How to avoid these pesky biters in the summer
Page link: Onions
How to grow great onions
Page link: Parsnip Tips
Parsnip Tips
How to get the best Germination
Page link: Perennials
Coming up year after year
Page link: Pests
don't let them get your plants!
Page link: Planting Spring flowering bulbs
Planting Spring flowering bulbs
Put some colour in your plot!
Page link: Poisonous courgette warning
Poisonous courgette warning
A cautionary tale!
Page link: Potato cyst eelworm
Potato cyst eelworm
A very nasty pest
Page link: Potatoes
all you ever wanted to know and more!
Page link: Raised beds
Raised beds
A question by John Bishop
Page link: Rat or wasp problem?
Rat or wasp problem?
Free pest control available
Page link: Rhubarb
All you need to know
Page link: Rotation
What's it all about?
Page link: Save and Store your seed
Save and Store your seed
Grow next year's crop for free!
Page link: Security - advice for the plotholder
Security - advice for the plotholder
Some tips to keep your things safe
Page link: Slug control
Slug control
don't let them beat you!
Page link: Small Scale Organic Gardening
Small Scale Organic Gardening
Organic little bits
Page link: Soil improvement
Soil improvement
Get to know your soil and how to make the best of it
Page link: Soot
Why it's great for your plot
Page link: Sowing Seeds
Sowing Seeds
When to sow
Page link: Sweetcorn
Some tasty sweetcorn tips
Page link: The 3 Sisters Garden
The 3 Sisters Garden
An ancient method of growing
Page link: Tool Maintenance
Tool Maintenance
Look after them and they will last longer!
Page link: Water
Coping with drought
Page link: Water and Allotments
Water and Allotments
Making efficient use of this scarce resource
Page link: Watering - the basics
Watering - the basics
And don't forget to find someone to water when you go on hols!
Page link: Weather Damage
Weather Damage
The signs to look out for
Page link: Weeds
and how to control them
Page link: Weeds
One year's seed, seven year's weeds!
Page link: What to grow
What to grow
How to decide what to grow on your plot