Bridgette's July Bulletin

As I write it is more like April than July with showers coming down like cats and dogs!  However, the longest day has been and gone and summer has arrived and how good or bad the weather is there are loads of jobs to do!  During the school holidays, gardening is often a family affair and collecting produce and harvesting fruit is a good way of tempting your children to go to the allotment!  This is a brilliant time of year to enjoy your allotment and hopefully have plenty of fruit and veg to fill your dinner plate!

This month we will look at how to create a herb garden – in the heat of summer a shady spot outdoors is the best place to be.   A herb garden makes a particularly delightful resting place as the scent of summer herbs drifts through the air!

Pests and diseases in July, especially with the weather can be quite a problem so we will look at ways of combating these problems.

For new plot holders we will focus on what to do this month at the allotment, assuming you have no gardening experience and that your plot is brand new!


Page link: What to do in July
What to do in July
Weeding, deadheading, feeding and sowing your last runners
Page link: Herbs
How to make a lovely herb garden on your plot
Page link: Pests
don't let them get your plants!
Page link: Diseases
What to look out for
Page link: Weather Damage
Weather Damage
The signs to look out for