Bridgette's August Bulletin

I always think of August as the peak of all the effort you have put into your allotment; a time to sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the fruits of your labours.

If the sun shines the weeds grow slower and everything is at a seasonal ebb.  It gives you a chance to be creative with cooking, using the herbs and salads that you have grown, adorned with flowers such as heartsease, nasturtiums and borage to give everything a summery look.

Gardens and allotments are very forgiving so let yourself off the hook and relax!  With a few exceptions most jobs can wait until early September if you are going away on holiday.

During August you will be able to see how helpful any mulching with bark chipping or manure is – if you put your spade into the soil you will discover there is some moisture underneath.

Borrow ideas from other allotment holders – try to visit other allotment sites and see how they do things there – I have visited several sites and found some truly inspirational ideas.  

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What to do with all those courgettes?
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What to do in August
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Watering - the basics
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