Bridgette's October Bulletin

We have certainly had some amazing weather in the last couple of weeks – making winter a little bit shorter.  However, the nights are closing in and the leaves are definitely falling – making autumn well and truly here!

At this time of year why not take a day off and go and visit Sheffield Park – it really is worth going to see the wonderful colours there of the maples and many other trees at this time of the year.  Set around four lakes and backed by James Wyatt’s fantasy neo-Gothic architecture, the 120 acres were planted after 1909 by Arthur Soames, purely for the drama of shape and colour.

There is also the beds of autumn gentians which are an amazing spectacle as well as the ‘knees’ of the swamp Cyprus rising out of the water.  The conifers and plumes of pampas grass contrast well with the red and purples of the trees and shrubs. A good place to take children too – with lots of space and leaves to collect and run through!  This is a National Trust Garden and is open daily until October 31st.

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What to do this month
tidy up, plan your plot for next year, plant garlic and more
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Leaf mould
make some great leaf mould compost
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Planting Spring flowering bulbs
Put some colour in your plot!
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To Autumn
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