Bridgette's January Bulletin

During the month of January it is a good idea to consult your garden journal – it really is a great way of keeping all your thoughts and ideas in mind – it is easy to think that you will remember, but, if truth be told we forget lots of details.  As we go through this month it will become apparent that the days are gradually lengthening and a feeling of optimism returns!

The start of the year is usually renowned for freezing weather and driving rain but we seem to have got off really lightly so far!  The weather has been really lovely and it has been wonderful to spend time in the garden thinking that spring has nearly arrived!  Of course there is still plenty of time for some severe frost and snow, and it is important not to be lulled into thinking that you can go ahead and do spring tasks just yet.

Page link: Gardening terminology
Gardening terminology
Some top terms you should know
Page link: Hedging and Christmas trees
Hedging and Christmas trees
Some wildlife-promoting ideas
Page link: Planning your plot
Planning your plot
Crop Rotation
Page link: Potatoes
Choosing, planting, care and harvesting
Page link: What to do in January
What to do in January
Planning, pruning, rhubarb, sweet peas
Page link: Wildlife and hibernation
Wildlife and hibernation
Hedgehogs, ladybirds, frogs and toads