Bridgette's March Bulletin

It is great that March is here!  We have got through winter and the allotment is ready again to begin another year! 

Of course it is a really busy time and it is easy to feel overwhelmed with masses of things to do and remember – so once again, especially if you are new at gardening, do keep a diary - it will really help you next year – not just as a reminder of what to do, but also as a way of thinking about planning your plots.  Also if things are not so successful it is a good idea to re think how to manage your plot next time.

Page link: If your allotment is new
If your allotment is new
try to prioritise this month
Page link: Sowing Seeds
Sowing Seeds
When to sow
Page link: What to do in March
What to do in March
feeding, sowing, and digging a bean trench
Page link: Water
Coping with drought
Page link: Pests
Slugs and other pests to watch out for
Page link: Perennials
Coming up year after year
Page link: Tool Maintenance
Tool Maintenance
Look after them and they will last longer!
Page link: Aubergines
All about the eggplant