Hedgehog alert!

Look out for our tagged hoggie in Roedale Valley Allotments!

By Melanie Matthews

Christina Kimborough is a student of the University of Brighton, working on a hedgehog rehabilitation project with Dr. Dawn Scott and the RSPCA. They are releasing and tracking rehabilitated hedgehogs to monitor their survival over winter. They are being released in Wild Park. However one, Snort, clearly didn’t like this area and has travelled to Roedale Valley allotments.  

If any allotment tenants come across either a radio transmitter or hedgehog with one it is part of this project. Snort is most likely to hibernate for most of the winter and emerge around March/April time. The researchers will however be monitoring him over the winter.

If you have a heap of waste clippings that you plan to burn please move them before starting your bonfire. 

Hedgehogs, as we all know, are allies to gardeners, they eat slugs. Let's not cremate our little gardener's friend!

If you have seen Snort, why not post a comment on this page

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Photo:beep beep

beep beep



Photo:getting closer

getting closer

The Hedgehog seems to be hibernating somewhere at the top of Roedale Valley near plots 179, 180, 181
Photo:Its somewhere very close to this shed

Its somewhere very close to this shed

If its your shed (plot 180) or you know who's it is, please make sure you check any piles of stuff before you burn anything !
This page was added by Melanie Matthews on 18/11/2012.