Local Bee Groups and Societies

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Photo:Modified Abbe Warre Hive

Modified Abbe Warre Hive

LOCAL GROUPS AND SOCIETIES look at web page www.bbka.org.uk/local/sussex to find the one nearest to you.

BWARS - Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Society.  Bwars is the local and national society dedicated to studying and recording bees, wasps and ants (aculeate Hymenoptera) in Britain and Ireland.  Web Page www.bwars.com

Northern Bee Books, Scout Bottom Farm, Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge, HX7 5JS.  Phone: 01422 882751  Fax: 01422 886157  email: jerry@recordermail.co.uk


Swarm Coordinators for Honey Bees only

For Brighton, Hove and Sussex contact 01273 480746 or 07977 577061
For Hove and Portslade contact 01273 550937
For Newick, Plumpton and East Sussex contact 01273 890880 or 07809 450666

Swarm Coordinators for Bumble Bees only

Please contact Bee Dispatch for Beekeepers that deal with Bumblebee Swarms you may not always be guaranteed removal of the colony.  It depends on the type and species of bee.

If you wish to speak to a local beekeeper then please contact beedispatch@yahoo.co.uk

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