Site Development Fund Applications Approved

A list of the applications approved by year, and cost


Site Development Fund Expenditure 2016/17

Moulescoomb EstateFinishing of new roof for Association Hut£700
Hoggs PlattManure Delivery Box£195
Windmill HillNotice Board£470
Roedale ValleyPoly Tunnel for Association Community Plot£665
St Louie HomeStrimmer and Gas Cooker£250
WhitehawkDesign for new Meeting Area£120
Roedale ValleyCommunity Plot Materials£253
Tenantry DownAssociation Open Day Supplies£78
TOTAL £2730


Site Development Fund Expenditure 2015/16

Peacock LaneTree Pruning and finishing of raised beds£95.00
Ovingdean SiteShredder for use by all ploholders


Moulescoomb EstateRemoval of old asbestos roof and new roof for meeting room and store hut£5100
TOTAL £5965

Site Development Fund Expenditure 2014/15

Peacock LaneRaised beds for the Peacock Lane site£540.00
St Louie HomeAdditional supplies for the community shed


Roedale ValleyAn apple crusher and press at the Roedale Valley site (to be shared with other sites)£500.00
Lower RoedaleA new roof for the store hut at the Lower Roedale site£2600.00
Whitehawk/Craven Vale siteA new community shed (container) for the Whitehawk/Craven Vale site£1673.00
TOTAL £5778

Site Development Fund Expenditure 2011/12

OvingdeanHedgewhips and protection£644.00
ColdeanRepair and maintenance of compost toilet£61.01
Hildesland and Hoggs PlattConstruction of a bin for Horse manure deliveries £750.00
St LouisStrimmer and accessories£200.00
Roedale ValleyMaterials for renovation of communal hut£494.22
Racehill Farm Strimmer and accessories£199.44
St MarksNew gate and adjoining fence £1255.00
OvingdeanExtension of water supply£240.00
Tenantry Down Renovating Communal Hut £381.66
Roedale ValleyAdditional materials for hut£106.77
WealdReplacing toilet pipework£308.55
TOTAL £4640.65

Site Development Fund Expenditure 2009/10

Weald Items for the open day£180
Coldean repairs to disabled raised beds£159.82
Pankhurst AvenueImprovements to fencing£186
Eastbrook Rubbish removal£228.85
Lower Roedale and
Roedale Valley
Site libraries£228.10
Lower RoedaleHawthorn Hedge£396.75
Coldean Hire of shredder£86.69
Ovingdean Site shed£197.99
Horsdean Purchase of a shredder£911.00
Moulsecoomb Weed burner£249.00
General UseTools initially for The Big Dig £464.65
Foredown Materials to build a shelter£1009.45
Lower RoedaleMaterials to build a shelter£353.65
Lower RoedaleTree pruning equipment£111.54
Roedale ValleyWood burning stove for CARV volunteers£200.00
PankhurstReplacement Gate£232.61
TOTAL £5196.10
Photo:Rottindean site got funding for a hedge to act as a windbreak for the site

Rottindean site got funding for a hedge to act as a windbreak for the site

Photo:Coldean raised beds for gardeners with disabilities

Coldean raised beds for gardeners with disabilities

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