Allotment Site Reps

Election Process

By Mark Carroll

In many cases it is quite hard to find people willing to take on the voluntary role of Site Rep. However seeing as part of this role is to represent the plot holders at each site, there should be an election process so that the Site Rep has a proper mandate, and at sites where there are more prospective candidates, then an open and transparent election should take place.

Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation thanks the Site Reps for their hard work throughout the year and hopes these election processes will endorse Site Reps and give them greater backing in their role.


Brighton & Hove Site Rep Elections

The 2014 Allotment Strategy requires that every Allotment site should have Site Representatives who are elected by the allotment holders at the site by means of a ballot.

All allotment holders are given the opportunity to stand as a candidate for the election. Allotment holders are a diverse bunch and diversity in site representation is encouraged.

Re-elections should take place every 2 years or when a site rep hands in their resignation, whichever is sooner.

On some larger sites, there may be two or more joint elected representatives.

In the event of only as many nominations being received as there are elected places, that person(s) will be elected unopposed, and an election will not take place.

Voting process

Brighton & Hove Allotment Federation (BHAF) have ultimate responsibility for elections and ensuring site representatives are elected through a transparent process. BHAF may choose to devolve responsibility for site elections to site associations or similar bodies, where these exist, but will ensure that a BHAF or BHAF delegate supervises the process.

There will be one vote per plot.

Voters will supply plot numbers to ensure no double voting, but plot numbers and all other voting details will be kept confidential.

There will be a poster displayed on each gate of the allotment, for a minimum of 4 weeks, calling for nominations. In the event that there are more nominations than site rep places available, a postal vote will be advertised as above and monitored by either the local Allotment Association or the BHAF. Postage costs for postal voting will be the responsibility of the allotment holder.

This page was added by Mark Carroll on 19/01/2015.