Whitehawk Hill

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Photo:Plot 25 - March 2010

Plot 25 - March 2010

Tessa Pawsey

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Tessa Pawsey

SITE NAME: Whitehawk Hill


Peter Elliot, site rep for plots 1 - 43 - 07497 428075, email pete8165px@gmail.com

Jane Griffin, site rep for plots 44 to 62: find her on plot 46 & 47 or email janegriffin@waitrose.com

Jacob Nowinski, site rep for all other plots: find him on plots 102 and 103, telephone 07751 076395, or email jacob_nowinski@yahoo.co.uk

LOCATION INCLUDING ACCESS ROAD : Whitehawk Hill Road (near radio mast)


HOW BIG IS THE SITE : 119 Full size plots (some of which are now divided into halves) plus an extension area at the north end with more half plots.

Whitehawk Community Food Project run volunteer days on Thursdays and Sundays , Noon to Dusk, a good place to learn how to run an allotment plus meet new people and join in their events, see www.thefoodproject.org.uk

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