Plot 45 Tenantry Down

6 years on and I love my plot with a passion

By Rebecca Cornell of

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plot 45

rebecca cornell

Hi my name is Rebecca and I garden on plot 45. I have had the plot for 6 years and I love it with a passion. I grow most veg I like to eat and grow a lot of herbs and annual cut flowers, nothing like Sarah Raven's, although I would like to get that good. Since gardening at Tenantry Down I have taken 100's of photos from all the seasons,not just photographing mine own plot. Pam Bean will remember me from January 2000, when i photographed both her and Fred, gardening on their own plot. They encouraged me a lot to have an allotment, thank you Pam. I will come and say hello soon! My mobile number is still the same.

I'm hoping to hear from anyone, it would be nice to chat. I garden a lot even in winter and would like advice from other people. I also have my own gardening business If anyone is interested please get in touch. I sell plants and can offer a discount to fellow gardeners ;-)

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