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Brighton and Hove Organic Gardening Group have established a group allotment project on the Weald site in Hove. The project comprises of two plots side by side on the eastern boundary of the Weald. Volunteers are invited to join the group and work on site on our scheduled workdays, usually Sunday afternoons. We welcome gardeners with or without experience to join in the general weeding, sowing, planting and harvesting work and everybody takes home a share of seasonal produce for their efforts.

The project aims to demonstrate organic food growing methods and tries to follow guidelines described by Garden Organic and the Soil Association. At the heart of what we do is maintaining healthy soil as this helps to grow healthy plants and healthy people. To this end we compost our own green waste, grow green manures, crop rotate and only use natural fertilisers. We never use chemical fertilisers or weed control products such as Round-Up, which has been found to be toxic to frogs and tadpoles.

The space is divided into beds with pathways covered in weed suppressant fabric. Part of the site is planted with perennial fruit bushes and trees and an asparagus bed with plants grown from seed. We also have two apple trees on site, which are local to Sussex varieties - Lady Sudely and Forge.

If you are interested in joining the project as a volunteer or would like to visit, please contact Helen 01273 239540 or visit our website for more information and details of how to find us.

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Hi, we got a load of contaminated manure earlier this year (2009) for our plot on the Weald. After much research and many letters and a few phonecalls, it seems MPs have asked DOW to 'do something', and they have decided to offer a scheme whereby they will come and collect contaminated manure from gardens/allotments etc.

They ask that you carry out a BIO-ASSAY test where you grow susceptible plants, ie beans, potatoes etc. in various mediums.
For instance,
1-grow 3 lots from seeds in topsoil that couldn't be contaminated.
2-grow 3 lots from seeds in topsoil and suspect manure.
3-grow 3 lots from seeds in topsoil and compost that couldn't be contaminated.

If only the 3 seeds from the group 2 don't grow, then that is your bio-assay test giving you a positive result.

The only way to contact DOW for this service is to email them through their website:
The email address is:

Good luck and please tell anyone who thinks they have been contaminated with this awful stuff.

By Jon
On 04/04/2010