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Hi Julia AS you can see, i'm on the ball with this website, talking 7 or 8 months to reply, sorry I'm just starting to plan my second season, and have moved into the top corner of the site, plots 52 and 53. Last year saw the addition of my first bee hive so the pollonation rates should be excellent this year + maybe a jar or two of honey around as well My fruit trees are in for 2011 and i have 1 bed in and have overwintered, fingers crossed there I need to move my strawberries and grapes ( did not want to move them ) then perhaps we will get a new neighbour on plot 44N Keep in touch, maybe share a few plants / seedlings this year take it easy

By Carrot Cruncher
On 27/01/2011

Hi, yes the bees, I think it's fabulous. My grandpa used to keep bees and I have fond memories of home made bread and honey - absolutely out of this world! If you are selling some this year I will def get some off you. See you down there some time! 

By Julia
On 12/02/2011