Bonnies Garden

Lottie Newbie and duvet dog's new allotment

By Julia Tanner

Photo:Day 1 Oct 2nd 2010

Day 1 Oct 2nd 2010

Photo:duvet Dog is in there somewhere!!

duvet Dog is in there somewhere!!

Photo:Nope doesn't look any better from this angle either!

Nope doesn't look any better from this angle either!

Photo:Even got the kitchen sink !!!

Even got the kitchen sink !!!

Hi all,

Isn't it great to have somewhere to record your progress on your allotment?

I shall try and keep it updated at least monthly.  Bonnie aka 'duvet dog' and I live in a flat, with no garden so our new plot has been named after her... Bonnies Garden. We are at PLOT 16.2 Mile Oak if anyone wants to pop over and introduce themselves.

Our plot is going to be done on a tight budget so I am looking for tools on Freecycle and car boots.  So if anyone has had shiney new tools bought for them I will be grateful for your old stuff!

Here are some pictures of the plot when we were handed the keys!!! It comes complete with 2 Kitchen sinks!!

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