John Cheer 3 - update

Spring into Summer 2011

By John Cheer



Photo:Plums and potatoes.

Plums and potatoes.





Back in march I had alot of the ground prepared and ready to start sowing seeds. I was wandering what seeds would be good  to try. So I sowed radishes, beetroot, peas, carrots to name a few, and in went the early potatoes. 

Still had more clearing to do, so was watching closely to see if any of the seeds were starting to appear, within a few weeks they all started showing I was very pleased. Around the same time the apple and plum trees (didn't know it was a plum tree until mid june) were coming along nicely, they have produced lots of fruit, so been doing alot baking :) 

I have had good results with all so far. I am now sowing my 2nd carrots and beetroot, these are the ones that I wasnt sure if they would do very well as the ground is very chalky. I did sieve the ground prior to sowing which has helped, so all the hard work through my first winter 2010, to date, I feel has really paid off.

Here's some pics off the first sowing etc.............

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