July 2011 Maintenance Team Update

Locks, plumbing, strimming and badgers

By Melanie Matthews

Over July the allotments maintenance team have replaced locks on Racehill, St Louie home, Weald, Eastbrook and Campsite allotments. Repairs to plumbing have been undertaken on Old Water Works, Tenantry Down, St Louis Home North Neville and Racehill.

Strimming has been undertaken on Tenantry Down, St Louis Home, Racehill, Weald, Moulsecoombe Estate, Foredown and Whitehawk Hill.

Developmental work has included installing new entrance steps at Ovingdean; investigating badger setts in the vicinity of Chates farm; prepping a flat base area for new compost containers at Hoggs Platt; car park improvements at Weald allotments;  fixing a fence and gate at Walpole Road allotments and fencing works at St Marks and Lower Roedale allotments.

Remember if you think anything on your site needs attention from the allotments maintenance team, please let your site rep know . The site reps can then pass on your requests directly to us so repairs and works on your site can be arranged more efficiently. 

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