Some questions from people thinking about applying for a plot

By Melanie Matthews

Q. What exactly is an allotment?
A. An allotment is a plot of land provided by the council under a tenancy agreement for local residents to cultivate fruit, flowers, herbs and vegetables for home consumption the whole year round.

Q. How many allotments are there in Brighton & Hove?
A. There are about 2,250 allotment plots spread over 36 sites across the area from Rottingdean to Mile Oak, Portslade and from near the Pavilion to the Patcham Roundabout.Allotment sites tend to be near, but not always visible from main roads.(see list at end of this booklet)

Q. Who to contact
A. If you wish to rent an allotment, just fill in the form and return it to the address shown or contact the Allotments Officer in the first instance on telephone 292225 and ask to be sent the information pack with details of sites with vacancies and those with waiting lists.

Q. Vacancies, how often do they occur?
A. This varies throughout the year. The rent year runs from 1st October to 30th September leading to vacancies soon after invoicing in October and November. Uncultivated plots are checked in late winter/early spring and if not being worked the tenancy may be terminated after requests to cultivate. This generally means that batches of vacant plots are available from March to June. Tenants also leave for a wide range of personal reasons leading to odd vacancies throughout the year.

Q. Waiting Lists, how do they work?
A. Once you have completed an application form indicating your preferred site(s) you will then be told which ones have vacancies. If you can not find the vacancy of your choice you can go on to a waiting list which is kept in strict chronological order. As vacancies arise they are offered to view in blocks of up to ten plots depending on the number of plots available and the number of people on the waiting list. The offer is on a first come first serve basis for that mail-shot if the offer is refused or unanswered then the offer goes to the next batch on the list until the plot is accepted. Refusal, depending on the reason, does not affect your place on the list. The waiting list is updated from time to time by asking you to confirm your continuing interest. You must ensure you tell the allotment officer of any address changes.

Q. How big is an allotment?
A. Allotments are available mainly in two sizes - Full size -250 square metres (300 square yards) generally 25metre x 10 metre (30 yards x 10 yards) or half size 125 square metre (150 square yards). Only half sizes are let now to allow more new tenants to get a plot.

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