16 week Principles of Horticulture course

Run by the Garden House

By Melanie Matthews

The Garden House are also offering a 16 week Principles of Horticulture course in February – covering:

Module1:   Propagation

  • How to propagate plants from seeds
  • Understand the principles and practices of propagation by cuttings.
  • How to propagate plants by division and layering
  • Practise the aftercare needed to grow on newly propagated plants.

 Module 2:  Managing your garden

  • How to prune plants.
  • How to cultivate vegetables.
  • How to manage a flower and shrub border.
  • How to plan and manage a fruit garden.

Module 3:  Organic Gardening

  • Principles of organic gardening
  • Pest and disease control organically – using traps and barriers
  • Managing weeds organically
  • Importance of wildlife in the garden
  • Visit to organic allotment

Module 4:  Garden Styles and Design

  • Surveying the plot and creating a simple site plan
  • Measuring techniques for drawing up simple plan
  • Garden visit
  • Designing with plants

See our website for more details.

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