New vegetable plug scheme

from Care Co-ops

By Ian Law

What do you do if you have no where to grow your seeds?

Care Co-ops are proud to announce that from march 2013 local growers will be able to sign up to a scheme which will provide a monthly delivery of plants that are ready to be planted out. We will provide a range of optimally grown-on seedlings as plugs and advice on their care, as well as special offers and products month by month.Care Co-ops is committed to environmental sustainability so where possible our products are organic and we are always working towards more ecofriendly practice.We have taken care to choose varieties of vegetables that are most productive, unusual or have heritage status. customers will be able to sign up for three  different sizes of package, suitable for the small, medium or allotment gardener. the scheme will be perfect for growers who have limited growing space under glass for getting those seeds started.

For further information please contact me at 01273-468200,

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