Gardeners Question Time in Brighton

Listen to GQT at Seedy Sunday!

By Melanie Matthews

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They've been to Ambridge and this month it was the turn of Seedy Sunday - Gardeners Question Time came to Brighton!  What a fantastic show -  Bunny Guiness, Bob Flowerdew and Christine Walkden answered questions from Brighton and Hove Gardeners including:

  • I have a sheltered allotment and can't make up my mind whether to have a polytunnel or a greenhouse. What would you recommend? 
  • Can the panel recommend any summer-flowering bulbs that would do well in my small but very windy garden, near the sea? 
  • I recently gained access to a balcony about 2ft (61cm) square, 20ft (6m) up facing north-west. What does the panel recommend I grow? 
  • Do the panel have a favourite weed? If so, what and why? 

and many more!  Listen again here

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