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Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Equipment servicing' page

Dear Allotment owner

Its that time of year when some of those garden machines come out of the shed.

Nothing is more frustrating when your machine will not start, run, drive or works as it did last season.

A few pointers to help.

Make sure you drain out last years fuel as over winter this will have gone off, Yes fuel does go off and can cause all sorts of starting and running probelms.

Think about changing the oil if its a four stroke engine as this will prolong the engine life for many years of good use. over winter yuor machnie engine will attract moisture and this will lay in the oil and cause corrosion and displace the oil properties. Replaceing the oil is little cost compared with a replacment engine.

Check over contol cables, a bit of Three in One oil will go a long way to help moving parts and cables from braking and rusting.

If your not up to doing this work your self then give us a call and we can give you a fixed price to give your valuble machine a new season service and check over. 

If you need the parts to service your machine then we are happy to supply parts and oils.

Hope that helps to get the growing season off to a good start.

We are here to Help,Give us a call at Liston Products Ltd. 01273 510103

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