Poison Courgette Plant

Melanie Matthews article in March 2013

By Chris Davine

Having been poisoned by a courgette from my allotment in Bromley,I asked my  brother to Google the subject on his IPhone, up came Melanie's article in your Federation's Web Site. It made me wonder if she grew her plant from seed and was there any question about whether the seed was faulty,reason being that my plant is labelled Gourd Butternut from a pack of seed from Kings but the plant is obviously a courgette. This made me wonder if I have got my plants muddled[not impossible] or have the seed company made a mistake [the seeds look unusually dirty.The reaction I had was very painful and although I had no vomiting I could tell that my gut was responding to a toxin  [which it needed to get rid of!] and it took me 3 episodes to realise that it was the small bitter tasting cougette and not the other veg I had cooked with it. Any further comments from your members would be gratefully received.

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