The Healing Hut

A book by Neil Patrick

By Mark Carroll

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Dear BHAF.

I've just published a novel which is set mainly in ancient allotments, and which celebrates the allotment – and highlights the threat that developers can pose to this wonderful British institution.

The Healing Hut, which is available from any bookshop and via Amazon, is as much about relationships as about growing things but I'm sure your members would enjoy the lyrical writing about the seasons, about plants and the deep desire in most of us to make contact with the earth.

As you will see from Amazon reviews, the book is winning warm praise, especially for its depiction of (fictional!) allotment characters.

Incidentally, the book is self-published, so by helping you will not be enriching a major publisher - just enabling me to cover costs!

Many thanks
(Neil Patrick, Touching Tales, author of The Healing Hut)

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