Allotments for gardeners with disabilities

Site locations, facilities and qualifying criteria

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Coldean , Coldean Lane (Contact Gerry Nevill on 681931)
Foredown, Thornbush Crescent (Contact John Smyth on 508195)
Weald, Weald Avenue, Hove (Contact Peter Richards on 420482)

Alternatively, contact the Allotment Officer, Crispin Kirkpatrick, on 292225

Who qualifies?

Those people with:

  • Visual impairment
  • Standing, walking, bending, digging problems
  • Special Learning needs
  • Mental Health needs
  • Rehabilitation
  • Existing allotment gardeners unable to cultivate a normal plot because of medical, physical and age related problems

Site facilities

  • Vehicular access within 10 metres, designated parking area
  • Support from other allotment gardeners
  • Shelter with seating provided
  • Accessible paved paths within and leading to the plot
  • Raised bed plots easy to work from both sides, being 4ft wide and 18 ft long.
  • Disabled Access toilet.

Shared facilities

  • A water point within easy reach of each plot.
  • Planted beds around the edge of the area, plus an orchard with soft fruit bushes, minarette, and bush trees.
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